We are all aware as to how today’s Pakistan is suffering from prejudice and polarization that finds its roots in religious, sectarian and ethnic strife. It is due to this very fact that we have been rendered inefficient and bankrupt today, both as a nation and people, across social, cultural and economic facets of our national lives. It is also for the same reason that we have faced umpteen hindrances and not just that but how it gave wind to grievances that were born out of this mistrust in the recent past.In this neo-political landscape we felt the dire need to lay foundation of a political order that can, right from its inception, create an environment of peace and brotherhood through which our people can learn to pledge allegiance towards our country and fall in love with motherland above and beyond their caste, creed, community and tribes.

Pak Sarzameen Party serve as a bridge between the people so it can eradicate the differences and forge relationships instead. Perhaps, it was this realization that made us decide to not have a separate flag for the party because we strongly feel that no other flag can better represent ‘watan parasts’ irrespective of their origin or ethnicity- for our national flag is our real identity.

InshaALLAH, let us all pledge that together we will rise above selfish interests to help witness the heralding of a new dawn of a glorious Pakistan- whose shining light shall guide us to peace, progress and prosperity.